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Sonys OLED buyable at 2008?

CEO Howard Stringer about OLED TV

How far in the future are OLED TVs for Sony?
Glasgow: OLEDs are being produced right now in very small sizes. I think we'll probably be doing something in the next year.

Stringer: You really need to look at it because it is one of the few products that stops you in your tracks. It's so breathtakingly bright and clear and original and microscopically thin. Strangers stop in the street, stop by the booth (at CES) all the time to look at it.

But do you think by next year you can reach a level of price compared to other TVs?
Stringer: I think that's the issue. We showed it to you because we want to show you the promise. The reality is connected to price and availability and mass production because it's also a quite complex technology. But it is so beautiful we want people to see it. Excitement comes first, you know.


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