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When Apple introduce the first product with an OLED Display?

When Apple introduce the first product with an OLED Display?


In 2010 the demand of AMOLEDs was very high. Samsung Mobile Display is the only company which can mass produce OLEDs for the smartphone market. (98 percent market share).

In 2011 LG,CMEL AUO start also the production of small/medium sized OLED panels.
So if Apple decide to use AMOLED in one of their products they need millions of panels. So the manufacturer needs enough capacity. Also we are sure that Apple don´t want use a standard panel, they want some special panel like Samsungs Super-Amoled-Plus. In 2011 the companies are able to produce 68 million panels instead of 34 million in 2010, that means that all manufacturer can return to OLED instead of LCD.

Barry young think that the first product from Apple with an organic light emitting diode Display will be in 2012.

We think that the first product from Apple with AMOLED can be a IPOD or Iphone.

Apple hire flat panel displays engineers that specialize in OLED Displays in 2011. Apple says the people apart of this new display team will serve as a focal point in the designing and the process development of advanced display panels from the concept to the product ramp.


In the first quarter 2011 Apple files free different OLED patents.
In the first graphic Apple confirms that this device is a handheld or a tablet (Ipad-3?) The technology is not limited to that of a tablet device and that their OLED Display technology will apply also to other devices like the Iphone, iPod, or a MacBook.

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