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Samsung transparent LCD Videowall and transparent OLED at CES-2012

At CES 2011 Samsung Mobile Display showcased a 19 inch and a 14 inch OLED Display at the Digital Experience. This year at digital experience Samsung Mobile Display has no booth there. Back in 2011 we know that this transparent OLED features: 19 inch qFHD World largest Transparent AMOLED Resolution: 960:540 Transmissivity: 30% Brightness: 200 […]

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CES-2012 OLED Pictures-Videos

The largest Consumer Electronic show starts at 10.01.2012. We expect the world largest 55 inch OLED-Television from LG-Electronics and from Samsung. If you have some nice OLED related picture or video please feel free to TIP us! IF you have a great picture or video for us we can pay you a fee. Check out […]

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Sony want to introduce glasses free 3D OLED-Tv within 3-4 years

Do you remember the glasses free 24.5 inch OLED-Tv prototypes at CES-2011? Now the managing director Osamu Miura spoke about this technology. Miura says that Sony want to introduce glasses free OLED-Tv in the next 3 to 4 years. I remember that the quality from the prototypes at CES-2011 are great. The 24.5 inch OLED-Displays […]

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Samsung Galaxy S3 with a cylindrical Amoled Display?

Samsung Mobile Display want to produce cylindrical Amoled displays for smartphones in 2012.

At the FPD-2010 and CES-2011 Samsung Mobile Display show us a 4.5 inch flexible high resolution AMOLED Display.

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AMOLEDS on plastic are the future says Jung Ho-Gyun

Jung Ho-Gyun a professor of the sungkyunkwan university spoke at the 7th OLED winter school in Seoul about the future of OLED-Displays. Jung Ho-Gyun was an Executive Vice President of Samsung SDI and head of Samsung SDI Corporate R&D Center from 2006 to 2008. Dr. Chung led the R&D for Active Matrix OLED since 2000 and is a world leader in bringing the AMOLED technology into the commercial market.
He think that in the next years OLED replace LCD and PDP from the current flat display market.

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AMOLED need more power at white background than LCD no Apple product in 2011 with OLED


We got the chance to interview Barry Young the managing director of the OLED-Association and we discussed the near future of OLED Displays, the truth about the power consumption from OLEDs and LCD Displays, and when we see the first Apple product with an OLED Display. And when we can expect the first Tablet-Pcs with Super-Amoled.

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Video Name Tag introduce OLED Video Wrist band and belt buckle


The Recom Group introduce a wrist band with an 2.8 inch OLED Display with a 320×240 pixel resolution.
With this device you can show 6-10 hours continuous content like videos, picturs, informations.
The Wide Viewing Angle (180 degree) without backlight, extra slim excellent color effect.

“It’s video you can wear,” says Rob Norden, CEO of Recom Group. “You cannot believe how much attention you will get wearing the Video Wrist Band. The special 2.8” OLED screen is so bright and brilliant you can see the video playing from 100 feet away.”

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Why the Samsung Galaxy-Tab-2 features a LCD instead of an OLED Display

In an Interview with Barry Young the managing Director of the OLED-Association he explain the near future of OLED Displays and why the supplier can deliver much enough AMOLEDs for the smartphone market in 2011. Because of the high demand in 2010 HTC and some other companies must switch from OLED to the LCD technology.

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LG introduce the 31 inch 3D-OLED-Tv in 2011 and plans a 55 inch in 2012


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Best Pictures and Videos about OLED from CES-2011

OLED-display.net has set up a complementary editorial service for journalists: under http://www.oled-display.net/press you will find free high-resolution pictures and videos of the latest OLED innovations of the CES 2011. Publication in online and print media is free of charge as long as OLED-Display.net is mentioned as the source in the subscripts.

Sony 24.5 inch glasses free 3D-OLED

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