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Samsung Galaxy S3 with a cylindrical Amoled Display?

Samsung Mobile Display want to produce cylindrical Amoled displays for smartphones in 2012.

At the FPD-2010 and CES-2011 Samsung Mobile Display show us a 4.5 inch flexible high resolution AMOLED Display.

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LG-Display and Samsung showcase 3D-OLEDs for smartphones

LG Display showcase a new 3D OLED panel for smartphones at the FPD-International-2010. The 3D AMOLED panel has a 320×360 pixel resolution and 16 million colours.In 2D the panel has a 360×640.
At the moment we got no more information about price, market entry etc.
More LG-Display News here:

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Samsung show 19-inch OLED-Tv using a new inkjet printing method


Samsung Mobile Display showcase a new prototype of a 19 inch OLED-Tv which was produced with a new inkjet method.

The panel is a AM-OLED panel with a 960×540 pixel 58ppi resolution.The brightness is 200 cd/m², 16.77 million colors and a 8-bit color scale. Samsung told TechOn that this panel is only a prototype and still under development.

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Samsung Mobile Display show 30 inch 3D AMOLED-Tv


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Video about Samsungs flexible OLEDs at FPD-International-2010

Samsung Mobile Display show new flexible AMOLED prototypes at the FPD-International event in Japan.The pictures about this amazing gadget are really amazing. Now we got some nice video about this 4.5 inch flexible AMOLEDs with an high resolution from 800×480 pixel.

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Video from Samsung Mobile Display AMOLED displays at FPD-2010

At the FPD-International 2010 Samsung Mobile Display showcase a lot of new AMOLED prototypes. Now our friends from Netbooknews.com make some video from the Samsung mobile Display booth. At the video we can see the new 7 inch AMOLED or Super-Amoled Display in the Galaxy-Tab.

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New 19 inch Transparent OLED from SMD at FPD-International-2010

Remember the transparent OLED Notebook from Samsung Mobile Display at the Digital Experience 2010 event in Las-Vegas?14-inch-amoled-transparent-notebook

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More stunning pictures of flexible AMOLEDs from SMD at FPD-International

SMD showcase the 4.5 inch flexible AMOLED panel at the FPD-International and now we got new stunning pictures.

The panel can be bent with a curvature radios of 10mm, the resolution is 800×480 pixel. This new flexible Amoled is only 240 ?m thick

Low-temperature polysilicon TFTs were formed on a polyimide substrate.

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First picture of 7 inch Super-Amoled from Samsung Mobile Display

OLED-Display.net got the first picture of the Galaxy-Tab with the brand new 7 inch Super-Amoled. showcased at the FPD-International event.

The panel has a WSVGA 1024×600 Pixel 169 ppi with 16.7 M colors,250 cd/m² free viewing angels and >100% NTSC color space.

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AUO showcases 14 inch FULL HD AMOLED 3D-TV and new OLED lighting devices

AUO Showcases the Latest Display Technologies at Japan’s FPD International 2010. AUO showcase a new 14 inch 3D AMOLED TV panel with a Full HD resolution 1920×1080 pixel. This new AUO panel promise stunning 3D images with its fast response, high contrast ratio and wide viewing angles. A resolution of 1920×1080 is retained even while switching back and forth between 3D and 2D modes.

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