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Universal Display Sid Rosenblatt about the future of OLED technology

Galaxy S4 Diamond Pixel, lifetime, Larger OLED panels for Tablet Pcs/Notebook, Flexible OLED (FOLEDs), OLED-Tv, Apple iWatch Sid Rosenblatt, EVP and CFO of Universal Display spoke about the future of the OLED technology. Universal Display Corporation is a world leader in the development of innovative OLED technology for use in flat panel displays, lighting and […]

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Universal Display and Plextronics alliance to develop OLED material

Universal display and Plextronics announced that the companies work together to develop solution based OLED material. The companies entered into a three-year joint development agreement, and Universal Display made a $4 million investment in Plextronics. “This agreement is an important step in Plextronics’ efforts to further advance the development and commercialization of its Plexcore® materials […]

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Lumiotec licenses Universal Display’s technology to produce OLED lighting panels

Lumiotec announced that the company has entered into a licensing agreement with Universal Display Corporation. Lumiotec usw UDCs phosphorescent and other OLED technology and materials to produce OLED lighting panels.Lumiotec will pay Universal Display license fees and running royalties on its sales of these licensed products under the agreement. The agreement runs through December 31, […]

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Universal-Display and Panasonic Idemitsu co-operate to force OLED Lighting

Universal Display Corporation announced that it has entered into a technology license agreement with Panasonic Idemitsu OLED Lighting, a joint venture between Panasonic Electric Works and Idemistu Kosan. Under the new agreement, Panasonic Idemitsu OLED Lighting will be licensed to integrate Universal Displayy’s proprietary UniversalPHOLED phosphorescent and other OLED technologies and materials into OLED lighting […]

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Samsung prepares to launch new AMOLED displays using new green and red UniversalPHOLED

Samsung Mobile Display and Univeral-Display announced the entry into OLED patent licence and supplemental material purchase agreements. Samsung Mobile Display and UDCs Super-AMOLED technology suggest thinner, lighter much faster response times, wider viewing angles, higher contrast ratios brighter, and more saturated color panels. The agreements announced today are an OLED Patent License Agreement and a […]

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Samsung Mobile Display and Universal-Display confirm OLED deal

Samsung Mobile Display the world leading OLED display manufacturer and Universal-Display announced that they form a strategic alliance that would help both to accelerate the development of OLED-Displays. This are very good news for shareholders from Universal-Display. Universal Display delivers materials to Samsung Mobile Display to produce their Super-Amoled-Plus technology. UDC holds also many patents […]

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Interview with Sid Rosenblatt, CFO Universal Display


There is a great interview with Sid Rosenblatt the CFO for Universal Display about the topic of intellectual property and growth in the OLED market.

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Universal-Display relevant patents are invalidated in Korea and Europe?

The korean company Duksan Hi-Metal is taking legal action because the company can not produce phosphorescent OLED materials because of the patents of Universal-Display.
For a few weeks UDC lost the recent court battle in Japan, while previously as of March 23 two of its other material patents were invalidated.

UDC says it will appeal the Japanese ruling and emphasizes that other patents remain valid and enforceable.

Duksan says that UDC wasn’t the first to use phosphorescent materials commercially.

Yu Han-sung from Duksan:

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Universal-Display improve PHOLED materials lifetime and efficiency

At the SID-2011 Universal Display announced new PHOLED material record in lifetime and efficiency.
The main problem is always blue with only 20.000 hours (LT50) Green-Yellow reach 1.4 million hours, and their red color reach 900.000 hours.


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Universal-Display OLED panels at SID-2011


Universal Display showcase some new OLED lighting prototypes at the SID-2011.

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