First Video of Audis OLED lighting concept!

Audi was one of the first company which uses LED technology for their cars. Now Audi show a R8 and Q7 with OLED lighting. Please check out the video this is really amazing.
In this video Stephan Berlitz showcase a rear light of a Q7 with small red OLED lighting panels which are aligned next to one another.
Eight flat segments make up the curved yellow strip for the flashing turn indicator. OLEDs suit Audi perfectly because they combine high-end technology, maximum precision and super design!”

“This homogeneous visual effect would not be possible with today’s LEDs,”Berlitz explains.

Audi OLED roadmap:
It will take several years to use OLEDs in our cars but we are ready to use this amazing technology.
One problem at the moment is the limited temperature of about 80 degrees celsius.
Berlitz thinks also that Audi can use also white OLEDs being used for daytime running lights and side lights.

Audi is also interested to use three dimensional OLEDs.

The first prototypes are now appearing as part of a project with public support. They are fascinating: delicate, almost weightless ring-shaped sources of light, installed on various levels in the rear light units of an Audi TT.

At the R8 Audi use hundreds of triangular OLEDs on the side back and inside the car.

WOW i love AUDI… ;-)


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