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Flexible Display Center and UDC produce flexible 3.8 inch Full-Color AMOLED

Flexible Display Center and UDC produce flexible 3.8 inch Full-Color AMOLED

The Flexible Display Center and Universal Display Corporation today announced that they have successfully fabricated the first full-color, flexible AMOLED display prototypes using the Center’s bond/de-bond manufacturing process, in combination with Universal Display’s full-color, top-emission phosphorescent OLED technology and materials. The displays also use Universal Display’s patented, proprietary single-layer encapsulation technology to seal the OLEDs made on DuPont Teijin Films Teonex® polyester film.

The prototype is a 3.8 inch flexible display with a qvga resolution (320×240) pixel. This display use UDcs phosphorescent red, green and blue organic materials.They also use Duponts Teijin Films Teonex film using substrate handling and processing.Demonstrations of the new full-color display will take place at the FDC booth #1409 at SID from May 17 to 19, 2011 at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles.

Dr. Mike Hack, General Manager OLED Lighting and Custom Displays says:
In addition to working toward the targets set by the U.S. Department of Defense, flexible OLEDs have the potential to open up a vast array of product opportunities in the commercial and consumer sectors in the foreseeable future.



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