Google want to introduce a OS for Tv showcased on a 55 inch Samsung OLED-Tv at CES-2012

According to our korean insider sources, and now also confirmed from a major industry portal, we got the information confirmed that Google and Samsung want to show a new Operating System with an OLED-Television device at the CES-2012 in Las Vegas. For a few days we inform you that Samsung want to show a 55 inch OLED-Tv device at the CES-2012.

At the Samsung Smart TV Global Summit 2011 at the Renaissance Seoul Hotel, the president of Samsungs Smart-Tv division says that it would be possible that Google is ready to show a new Google OS for television at the brand new OLED-Tv.

This make sense because we know that also Apple work on an OS for television devices. Google want to show the new OS at a brand new technology like OLED says Samsung.


Samsung OLED-Tv at CES-2010

Samsung 3d AMOLED CES-20103D AMOLED CES-2010 from Samsung


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