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Interactive board games with OLED Displays

Interactive board games with OLED Displays

A groundbreaking technology developed at queen’s university in ontario, canada may make traditional board games a thing of the past.
The prototype projects back images onto each
individual OLED display. This allows for a seamless interaction experience that anticipates wireless OLED technology.

The technology allows groups of friends or family members to play electronic games like they used to do board games: in a sociable and physical setting, placed together around a table. it also eases game controls by using affordances of regular cardboard pieces.

“this is no doubt the future of board games,” says roel vertegaal, an associate professor at queen’s human media lab.

At first glance, the technology, by school of computing graduate mike rooke and professor vertegaal, looks like a set of white, cardboard hexagons taken straight from the game board of settlers of catan. however, with the help of an overhead camera and a projector, each piece of cardboard becomes a mini-computer capable of displaying video images.

The camera tracking and projection allow researchers at the hml to anticipate technologies 5-10 years down the road, when thin-film organic led screens will allow these kinds of board games to become practical. “we just started thinking about, ‘what if these new screens exist? what could we do with them?” says professor vertegaal.

Hexagonal OLED displays simulated through
tracking and projecting on cardboard tiles. Here, a marking menu is displayed on surrounding tiles upon obscuring an IR marker.

Lab members are busy these days playing e-cardboard strategy games, like this electronic version of the popular game settler’s of catan. created by mike rooke, the game simulates a future in which oled or foled displays cover board game tiles without bezels. this allows not just for interactive computer game graphics on compound cardboard screens, but also for the use of tangible interaction techniques to affect the state of gameplay.
Source:queen’s human media lab


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