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LG 15 inch OLED Screen for Sales in December 2009

LG 15 inch OLED Screen for Sales in December 2009

LG Electronics, the display giant is planning to fire out their 15 inch ultra thin beauty by the end of 2009. More OLED surprises are expected during the last quarter of 2009. Sony XEL-1 11 inch OLED Television is the only available commercial model at the moment. LG 15 inch OLED screen will be the next member in the OLED family.

LG OLED Sales and Marketing VP, Won Kim has revealed that their 15 inch OLED screen is already into production since summer, and will be retailed during December 2009. Korea is selected as the maiden market for this svelte screen; it is speculated that the global roll out will be announced soon after the Korean launch. Compared to its existing rival, this 15 inch screen scores better in two aspects; the screen size and life time. LG claims a life time of 30,000 hours for this display.

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