LG Display debut the 15 inch OLED-Tv in Korea this week for 2.500 dollar


LG Display roll out the 15-inch OLED-Television device this week in Korea. This 15-inch panel is the largest commercial available OLED Display .
LG Display sell the 15-inch Panel in South Korea for 3 million won per unit that are about 2.500.- Dollar.

LG electronics plans also like Samsung mobile display to build a new fabrication line. The 5.5 generation line can be installed in Paju in the first half of 2011.

They can roll out 40.000 sheets per months.
LG Display will invest more in organic displays. But the timing is dependent on how the market finds an uprising momentum,” an LG Display spokesman said. LG Display is currently led by CEO Kwon Young-soo.

Source: Korea Times

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