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LG Display show 15-inch transparent AMOLED

LG Display show 15-inch transparent AMOLED


LG Display show at the FPD-International 2009 in Japan a wide range of OLED Displays. The organic display products ranging in size from 2.67-inch to 20.7-inch.

The highlight is the world largest 15-inch transparent AMOLED Display.
LG Display’s transparent display (front side) showing icons of Windows and a calculator application on the left side and an image of fireworks on the right side. The panel behind the display can be seen through the display. The transmittance of the display from this prototype is 30 percent.

We have no info about when LG Display will commerialize it.
LG Display show also:
IPS Technology
LG Display will show LCD TV panels based on IPS (In-Plane Switching) technology. IPS panels boast fast MPRT, no lingering afterimage and minimum color distortion to deliver crisp and clear moving images while maintaining superior wide viewing angle.

• The ultra slim (5.9mm) 42-inch and 47-inch TV panels with an edge-lit LED backlight
• 55-inch TV panel lit by modular LED backlight, which enables local dimming and minimizes panel thickness by combining the advantage of edge-type and direct-type LED backlights

3D Display
A variety of 3D products that provide true-to-life moving images will also be on exhibit.

• 47-inch 3D display that can be switched from 2D to 3D modes with the push of a button
• 3D displays ranging in size from 23-inch to 47-inch featuring various 3D technologies

Environmentally Friendly Display
LG Display will also present eco-friendly products with low power consumption delivering high resolution images.

• 32-inch TV panel and 15.4-inch notebook PC panel lit by LED backlight boasting the world’s lowest power consumption
• e-book equipped with a thin film solar cell that can be recharged with solar power

Next-Generation Display
Also included in the company’s line-up are innovative products that will lead the next-generation display market.
Source: LG-Display and Tech-on


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