LG Display want to build 20 inch OLED panels in 2010 40-inch 2012

15-inch-oled-television-lgA very good article from TechOn this morning.
The headline is OLED Panels: The Way to Larger Screens
The trend is accelerating as the possibilities for large OLED panels open up, and a new market for 20-inch and larger OLED TVs may emerge in 2010 or beyond.
The key infos are that LG Display does have big plans with the OLED Technology.

LG Display announced it would volume-produce 20-inch class large-size OLED panels in 2010, 30-inch class in 2011, and 40-inch class in 2012. Vice President Won Kim, in charge of OLED Sales & Marketing at the firm, is confident: “They may be expensive, but it will be possible to buy a 40-inch class OLED TV in 2012.

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