LG Optimus Black Nova Display vs Galaxy S Super Amoled

Super-Amoled vs LG Nova Black
LG introduced the smartphone Optimus Black with a LCD NOVA display. LGs NOVA Display is a IPS LCD with 700 nits, LG claim a Amoled has 305 nit and the competitor IPS LCD has 518 nit.
At the CES-2011 we got the chance to compare the Optimus Black with a 4 inch NOVA Display against Samsungs 4 inch Super-Amoled Display. Its one of the best LCD Displays i ever saw, because the contrast ratio and the brightness is for an LCD very good. Check out our video below.

LGs claims about the NOVA Display:

  • Energy Efficient Powerful Display
  • Under regular setting which is 280 nit
  • Nova is 50 percent more efficient than regular LCD
  • Amoled consumes twice as more energy when producing white on screen

LG-Electronics CES-2011

Super-Amoled vs LG Nova BlackSuper-Amoled vs LG Nova Black[adsense:300×250:9926047622]Super-Amoled vs LG Nova BlackSuper-Amoled vs LG Nova BlackSuper-Amoled vs LG Nova BlackSuper-Amoled vs LG Nova Black


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