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LG to deride Samsung Super-AMOLED

LG to deride Samsung Super-AMOLED

LG-Electronics rename the Optimus LTE in to Optimus True HD LTE. The 4.5 inch IPS LCD hast NO Full HD Display. If a 4.5 inch IPS LCD has full HD that means the display has 490ppi. LG Electronics criticized Samsung Super-AMOLED Display with pentile in following things:

  • Over expressed Colors
  • Higher power consumption
  • Pentile Matrix

The new Super-Amoled-Plus which features the Galaxy S2 and S3 has no PEntile Matrix also true RGB matrix.
The over expressed colors are not correct, because the colours are more intensive and much better because OLED does not need a backlight. Samsung’s new AMOLEDs are as dense as the retina displays and the use of phosphorescent green and doped transport layers provide the OLEDs with similar power consumer in white dominated images, the only place where OLEDs had used more power than LCDs.

Picture source:engadget

Super-Amoled-Plus no Pentile (RGB-Stripe)


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