Mitsubishi introduce curved Diamond Vision OLED at ISE-2011

Mitsubishi Curved OLED at ISE-2011

Mitsubishi introduce a curved Diamond Vision OLED Display at ISE-2011. The radius is 917,15 mm by a pixel pitch of 3mm. The resolution is 1920×256 mm. Mitsubishi told us that this is only a prototype but they want to introduce that in to the market in the next few months.Mitsubishi show also the next generation Diamond Vision PMOLED. The Displays are constructed from individual 128×128 pixel OLED modules measuring 384mm square and weighing just 8 kg. The light output is far higher than LCD Display (up to 2 times) making Diamond Vision OLED suitable for high ambient light areas such as shopping malls and passenger terminals.

Technical details

  • Modul size: H384mmxW384mmxD97 mm
  • Number of pixels/module: H128x128 pixels
  • Pixel pitch: 3mm
  • Pixel density: 111,111 pixels m²
  • Max Brightness: 1200 cd/m²
  • Viewing angle: 80 degrees (horizontal and vertical)
  • Grey scale: Each color has 16,384 gradations

Mitsubishi OLED ISE-2011

Mitsubishi curved OLED ISE-2011Mitsubishi OLED ISE-2011Mitsubishi curved OLED ISE-2011Mitsubishi curved OLED ISE-2011OLED ISE-2011
Curved OLED Digital SignageLarge OLEDMitsubishi Large OLEDMitsubishi curved OLED ISE-2011Mitsubishi curved OLED



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