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Modistech to unveil ultra-thin OLED lighting device

Modistech to unveil ultra-thin OLED lighting device


Modistech unveiled its flexible ultra-thin OLED light Ultra-Thin & OLED Light in Korea market.

Mass production will begin later next year and will retail for approximately $212 after conversion for each 1 square meter in 2011.

Especially, the Oled light supporting light source for white color can be substituted for LCD backlight.

Modistech is researches and developing company in OLED technology. There are two main division R&D Center and R&C group.

By using roll to roll machine, hybcap film can be also dapted to flexible OLED encapsulation.
Thus hybcap film development for flexible OLED Display will be completed in short time suggested Modistech.

The basic developments for sheet type lighting source with OLEDs are already finished with hybrid encapsulation technology.
For the mass production of OLED sheet type lighting source in the near future, Modistech are designen the process with machine.

Only for a few days Displaysearch released a new Oled lighting report, the main message from this report is that the OLED lighting era begins in 2011.
via aving.net and http://www.modistech.com



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