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More details about DuPont “Gen-3” OLED materials technology

More details about DuPont “Gen-3” OLED materials technology


At SID-2009 Dupont are announcing the Gen 3 OLED material. Now we have got more informations about this major step for the OLED technology.

The new performance Paves the Way for Commercial OLED Displays in TVs, Mobile Devices.

William Feehery, global business director — DuPont OLED Displays says that printing OLEDs significantly lowers the cost to manufacture displays, and with Gen 3 materials technology, display manufacturers can see the material lifetimes and performance required for commercialization.

The DuPont Gen 3 green OLED material achieved a record lifetime of over 1,000,000 hours, while two new Gen 3 solution blue materials have been developed that set new standards for longevity and color. Gen 3 OLED materials can meet or exceed the performance of today’s vapor deposited materials, and are paving the way for lower cost solution process OLED displays.

“With lifetime five times better than just two years ago, these new materials will allow solution OLEDs to be used in mobile displays, and also to begin to penetrate the television and general lighting markets at a lower cost than today’s evaporated OLED technology.”

The new Gen 3 green material developed by DuPont represents a major lifetime milestone of one million hours, which equates to over 100 years of constant usage. This green material demonstrates a current efficiency of 25 cd/A and excellent color coordinates (0.26, 0.65). Although green material lifetimes already exceed those of red and blue, the significance is that in a display, green contributes more to the white brightness. The longer lifetime also can lead to an increase in total display lifetime.

Historically, performance of blue light-emitting materials has been the most challenging, however, DuPont Gen 3 solution blue materials are demonstrating world-class performance. One of the Gen 3 blue materials has color coordinates of (0.14, 0.12), a current efficiency of 6.0 cd/A, and a lifetime of 38,000 hours from 1000 cd/m2, which is one of the longest blue OLED material lifetimes publicly reported. A second material has been developed with exceptionally deep blue color coordinates of (0.14, 0.08), a current efficiency of 3.9 cd/A, and a lifetime of nearly 7,000 hours. Due to its deep blue color, the lifetime of this material at the luminance required for a 200 cd/m2 display is calculated to be approximately 41,000 hours.

In addition, a high-performing red solution OLED material developed by DuPont has a lifetime of 62,000 hours, current efficiency of 13 cd/A, and color coordinates (0.68, 0.32).

Lifetime refers to the time it takes for the luminance of the device to decrease to half the initial value, expressed at hours from 1,000 cd/m2 at 21-22C. DuPont lifetime estimates are consistent with industry standards and are based on accelerated testing of simple test devices at several very high initial luminance levels; these data are used to calculate predicted lifetimes at lower brightness levels.

“DuPont Gen 3 technology is creating a step change in the lifetime of OLED materials and also is expected to benefit future material developments,” said Feehery.


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