No Apple OLED-Tv in the near future says LG-Display

The CEO from LG-Display Kwon Young-Soo says that Apple plans no Apple-Tv with OLED-Technology in the near future. For a few weeks there are some rumor that Apple want to use LG-Displays 55 inch OLED technology in 2012 for a own HDTV device.

The Ceo from LG says that Apple are interested in TV, allowing users to stream music, videos and TV shows via iTunes, though that needs some iPhone and iPad integration.

But Apple is still pessimistic about using OLED displays.

The biggest problem are the higher costs and some technology related issues.

Apple are not happy with the limited life span, color balance-related issues and the efficiency of the blue OLED material.

The sources claimed Apple may use picture quality-enhanced and tech-sharpened LCD displays for its televisions, as there are minor differences between OLEDs and LCDs at least to general consumers who don’t have much knowledge of displays.

LG Display is optimistic the korean company plans to investt $2.83 billion for a 8.5G OLED production line. If this is true the price from that kind of panels are going down and OLED-Television can be mainstream.






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  1. No OLED Apple devices until “three or four more years”, market sources warn | 9to5Mac | Apple Intelligence - June 2, 2012

    […] A report from July by notoriously unreliable Smarthouse that Apple may be partnering with LG on a rumored 55-inch Apple television has been debunked by LG Display CEO Kwon Young-Soo. The exeuctive denied the alleged partnership as “Apple is still pessimistic about using OLED displays”, per an story. […]

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