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NO new Google-Tv from Samsung at CES-2012

NO new Google-Tv from Samsung at CES-2012

The presedint of the Samsung Television division Yoon Boo-keun says that Samsung needs more time to unveil ‘Google TV’.

Yoon Boo-Keun says that Samsung is in talk with Google to release a brand new version of Google-Tv. This new product will be introduced in 2012, for sure not at the CES-2012 in January.

    • This new OS for television will be significantly differnt from earlier Google-Tv versions like for Sony or Logitech.

Samsung Yoon Boo-Keun says no to Google-Tv from Samsung at CES-2012, if we see a 55 inch OLED-Tv from the korean company is not confirmed but also not canceled.

There is pressure on Samsung and Google to create something better after the earlier Google TV attempts by Sony, Logitech and Intel faltered amid mixed reviews.

Samsung and Google are under pressure because Apple is expected to launch the first version of its Internet TV end 2012. And also Microsoft is also dabbling with the possibilities of entering the market by leveraging its widely used Windows computer operating systems and X-Box video-game consoles.



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