NO OLED-TV from LG-Display and Samsung in 2012

Bad news for all who are waiting for the 55 inch OLED-Tvs from LG-Display LG 55EM9600 and Samsungs KN55ES9600 Super-OLED-TV.

Both companies scrapped their plans to mass produce OLED-televisions this year. LG-Display and Samsung Display are having serious difficulties in improving manufacturing yield. This information is from the leading market research company displaysearch. Only 500 OLED-Tvs will be shipped in 2012. The goal was 50.000 pieces.

Another problem is the price the Samsung 55 inch Super-OLED-Tv costs about 9.000 dollars, LGs WOLED-Tv around 8000 dollars.

According to displaysearch the manufacturing cost of a 55 inch oxide TFT OLED with color filters (LGs WOLED) is 8 times higher than a 55 inch TFT LCD Display. A 55 inch SUPER-OLED-Tv from Samsung which using red, green, and blue OLEDs is 10 times higher.
These higher costs are mainly a result of low yields and high materials costs.

“We are making progress under our business roadmap. But high prices and lower manufacturing yield are problems,’’ said Samsung Electronics CEO Kwon Oh-hyun,.

LG Electronics TV chief Kwon Hee-won said, “We will introduce our OLED TVs ahead of our rivals’’

Maybe the patent problems between the korean companies can be a problem for the plans of OLED-Tv



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