OLED-A is highlighting new OLED displays and lighting designs at the Digital Experience 2009

The Most Beautiful, Greenest, Thinnest Displays and an Enlightened Future
“A Showcase for the Future of Consumer Electronics,” says Barry Young, Managing Director, OLED-A

The OLED Association is highlighting new OLED displays and display products, as well as innovative OLED lighting designs at the Digital Experience 2009. With products and prototypes from six member companies from Asia, Europe, and North America, OLED-A is providing the media attending Digital Experience with a glimpse of the organic electronic future.

“We’re really showcasing the future of consumer electronics,” said Barry Young, managing director, OLED Association. “Displays provide a window to the world while lighting consumes much of the power used in the home and office; they’re key to our work and our play. OLEDs provide the best viewing experience together with the greenest light source available in the market.”

Cambridge Display Technology

Demonstrates the application of its materials and process in a near-eye viewer for portable entertainment. The device delivers brilliant OLED color and contrast in a big-screen private viewing system. A leader in polymer-based OLED technologies, the company will also demonstrate screen-printed flexible demonstrators from their partner, Add-Vision, Inc. (AVI), a pioneering developer of technology for low information content displays.

Idemitsu Kosan

A leader in performance chemicals for OLEDs, exhibits a series of OLED panels illustrating the company’s long-lived fluorescent and phosphoscent materials, along with their new long-lived white architecture, which is ideally suited to lighting applications.

Ignis Innovations

Demonstrates a prototype 2.2-inch QVGA panel that incorporates the company’s suite of backplane and driver technologies developed specifically for AMOLED applications. Whether employed on an amorphous silicon or polysilicon substrate, these technologies yield a high-performance backplane for AMOLED that is both reliable and robust. Ignis provides world-class pixel circuits and driver packages for any type or application of active matrix organic light emitting displays aimed at reducing the overall cost and improving the manufacturability and adoption rate of AMOLED displays in the marketplace.


A leader in energy efficiency and lifetime for OLEDs, shows a defect-tolerant OLED light source. Novaled’s demonstration delivers more than three times the efficiency of standard incandescent light bulbs and lasts ten times longer Unlike the new compact fluorescent bulbs, it has no mercury, making it safer to handle and easier to recycle.


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