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Panasonic back in to the OLED-Tv business

Panasonic back in to the OLED-Tv business

Panasonic plans to ramp up a 8.5 Gen OLED-Television pilot production plant in Himeji (Japan). In Himeji Panasonic prodcuse at the moment LCD panels, now Panasonic ordered equipment to ramp up a 8.5G pilot production plant.

This is only a pilot line for R&D and to develop cheap OLED-Tv panels. But Panasonic is back in to the OLED-Tv business.

In 2009 Sumitomo and Panasonic teamed up to develop OLED-Television panels. In 2011 Sumitomo Chemical informed us that they developed a technology that suggest cheaper mass production ready large OLED-Television devices.So we think that Panasonic will use Sumitomos P-OLED materials for their technology.
Source: asahi


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