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PMOLED means Passive Matrix Organic light emitting diode


Passive matrix (PM) OLED displays stack layers in a linear pattern, much like a grid, with "columns" of organic and cathode materials superimposed on "rows" of anode material. Each intersection or pixel contains all three substances. External circuitry controls electrical current passing through the anode "rows" and cathode "columns," stimulating the organic layer within each pixel. As pixels turn on and off in sequence, pictures form on the screen. PM OLED displays’ function and configuration are well-suited for text and icon displays in dashboard and audio equipment. Comparable to semiconductors in design, PM OLED displays are easily, cost-effectively manufactured with today’s production techniques. Learn more Powering-passive-oled-displays-in-handhelds link to eetasia pdf

Passive-Matrix Structure --------- Active Matrix Structurepmoled-amoledpicture (C) samsungsdi