Samsung 55-inch Super-OLED-Tv true colours will go on sale in Q2-Q3 2012

Samsung unveiled a 55 inch OLED-Television with accurate color reproduction and “true to life picture quality” The Super-OLED-Tv features also a new Smart Interaction technology for TV control via
motion control, voice control, face recognition its like Apples Siri for your Smart-Tv. The Super OLED-Tv features a dual core chipset, with that power you can run all Smart Tv apps from Samsung. David Steel from Samsung says that this Super-OLED-Tv will go on sale in Q2 2012. Super OLED eliminates the need for a color filter, each pixel contains a RGB subpixel and emits it own light.
No word about the price at the moment.

Tim Baxter: “Samsung led transition from tube to flat, analog to digital, conventional to Smart TV. Now we’ll do it again with Super OLED.”

Samsung Super-OLED-Tv CES-2012
Samsung Super-OLED-Tv CES-2012
Samsung Super-OLED-Tv CES-2012
Samsung Super-OLED-Tv CES-2012


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