Samsung Display showcase the future of transparent flexible AMOLED Displays in a new video

Samsung Display which was founded in 2012 and the company is working with the latest in LCD and OLED technology featuring small to ultra large panel sizes. Samsung Display want to introduce transparent, flexible, rolled or folded OLED Displays in the next few years. Now Samsung Display showcase new devices for our world which we can see in the years.

The vision of Samsung Display is “Display beyond imagination” states our domain and commitment to create future oriented technology only seen in sci-fi films like avatar!

Samsung delayed the start of the mass production of YOUM (brand name for Samsungs flexible AMOLEDs)
Samsung Mobile Display is ready to deliver YOUM in Q4 2012. The panels are produced at the 5.5G A2 P3 line in Korea.
Samsung use LITI technology to reach more than 300 ppi resolution for their flexible panels.

More future products from the Samsung Display contest 2011 you can find here:
Samsung Mobile Display CES-2011Transparent AMOLED


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