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Samsung Galaxy S3 with a cylindrical Amoled Display?

Samsung Galaxy S3 with a cylindrical Amoled Display?

Samsung Mobile Display want to produce cylindrical Amoled displays for smartphones in 2012.

At the FPD-2010 and CES-2011 Samsung Mobile Display show us a 4.5 inch flexible high resolution AMOLED Display.

Samsung Mobile Display want to ramp up a full production line of this flexible displays in 2012. The goal is to introduce a cylindrical smartphone with an AMOLED display in 2012. SMD can produce a flexible Amoled with WVGA resolution 800×480 pixel with 2 cm diameter on a plastic substrate for that goal. Samsung Mobile display don´t use a glass substrat they use a special plastic material to reach the high resolution and the bending property. Samsung mobile Display develop a special production method with 350-400 Celsius to reach the goal.

UPDATE: Samsung Mobile Display confirmed that the copmany want to mass produce flexible bendable AMOLED Displays in 2012!

You want to check out more flexible AMOLED pictures?
Pictures of CES-2011


Samsung Mobile Display CES-2011
Flexible Amoled Samsung Mobile Display CES-2011

Samsung Mobile Display CES-2011Samsung Mobile Display CES-2011Samsung Mobile Display CES-2011


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    January 27, 2012 at 5:24 pm
  2. Lee #

    I wonder if apple is gonna make more money from the ipad mini than they did with the ipad. How is the ipad mini gonna be any different from the regular ipad besides the size…? i think that they will hit the market in the beginning of the sales, but then later on in the year of selling the ipad mini the sales will begin to drop.

    July 11, 2012 at 6:12 pm

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