Samsung Galaxy Skin with 4 inch flexible Super-Amoled Plus display concept

Do you remember the flexible AMOLED Displays from Samsung Mobile Display at the CES-2011.

Now the designer Heyon You show us the next generation Samsung Galaxy S! The Samsung Galaxy Flexi with a 4 inch Super-Amoled or Super-Amoled-Plus Display with 800×480 Pixel resolution.

This next generation smartphone which runs Android “flexy” and has a 8 megapixel camera, with 720p HD video and comes packed with a projector and converts into a smartwatch.

With the Flexible AMOLED display, electro activity polymer that cause the transformation and physical action by sending electronic signal is the key technology of “Galaxy Skin”.

For a few hours we learned that is also possible in the near future to use Transparent batteries with flexible or transparent OLEDs make new sci-fi gadgets possible



CES-2011 Flexible Amoleds

Resolution: 480×800
Bending Radius <10mm Weight 2.1 g Thickness: 0.27mm color Depth 16.7M Brightness: 300 cd/m²

CES-2011 in Las Vegas

Samsung Mobile Display CES-2011Samsung Mobile Display CES-2011Samsung Mobile Display CES-2011
Samsung Mobile Display CES-2011Samsung Mobile Display CES-2011Samsung Mobile Display CES-2011Samsung Mobile Display CES-2011Flexible Amoled Samsung Mobile Display CES-2011Samsung Mobile Display CES-2011



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