Samsung Mobile Display introduce OLED Max and new teaser video

Samsung Mobile Display showcased at their company website OLED Max. The size of the IC is 6(h)x6(w)x0.6(t) mm. The new IC supports image resolution up to 800×1024, and includes RGB, 3/4-Wire SPI and I2C interfaces.

OLED Max is the technology to express the optimum image quality close to natural color. Quality of any image can be improved by converting to the image optimized for AMOLED using various algorithms.

Color space conversion, sharpness emphasis, low gradation emphasis favorite color conversion and block noise improvement technology are applied.
Vivid screen can be realized using the image process IC optimized for AMOLED.
Samsung is now working on the next generation driver named OLED Max II.


New Teaser Video

Samsung introduce also some new Teaser Video about OLED:




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