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Samsung Mobile Display must delay their 5.5 Gen OLED production line

Samsung Mobile Display must delay their 5.5 Gen OLED production line

It looks like that Samsung Mobile Display has to delay the new 5.5 Gen AMOLED fabrication line in Cheonan.

The japanese company Nikon can not deliver scanners for SMDs production line on time because the company has problems after the earthquake and tsunami.

If scanners from Nikon and CVD machines are delivered late, this would delay the ramp of the new fab to come on line in 2H11 or 1H12.

That are bad news because the demand of OLED panels are very high. With the new 5.5Gen plant Samsung Mobile display can handle the high demand for the smartphone market. But also larger panels 7-inch for the Tablet-Pc market are only possible with this 5.5 Gen plant.

But the delay would be also negative for other companies like Universal-Display, Duksan Himetal. Sony also has to delay the Playstation Portable NGP.

Also MK write about that problem:

SMD is deeply worried about delaying construction of an assembly line for 5.5G AMOLED in Cheonan, South Chungcheong province, since main equipment is imported from Japan.

“If the situation lasts long, operation schedules would have to be changed. Analysts say operations of Japanese equipment plants could be suspended for one month at the shortest to three months at the longest, if the quake effects remain longer,” an official from Samsung Electronics said.


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