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Samsung Mobile Display show 6.5 inch Flexible AMOLED Display

Samsung Mobile Display show 6.5 inch Flexible AMOLED Display

Samsung Mobile Display (SMD) show a new 6.5 inch flexible AMOLED Prototype. SMD show this newest flexible AMOLED at the SID 2009 in San Antonio.
Samsung Mobile Display say that this prototype is more flexible than any previous model before.

Also SMD says that the new processes do not require low-temperatures to produce the display and productions costs are now lower than other competitive products. The new process is simpler and improves efficiencies necessary for mass production.

SMD sees many application for that flexible AMOLED (newspaper,epaper, e-passport, military maps, newspaper and many more. The reponse time is more than 1000 times faster as a LCD Panel.
After the break the got more information about this amazing large flexible AMOLED.

New this year at SID 2009 will be seven sessions dedicated exclusively to various aspects of flexible display technology and developments that will create a host of new business and revenue opportunities across not only consumer-electronics markets, but also military and industrial applications. Papers from the Flexible Display Center, Kent Displays, Polymer Vision, Prime View, Universal Display Corp., Samsung, Sharp and Sony along with several key universities like the University of Illinois will highlight work underway at every level of the flexible display food chain.



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