Samsung Mobile Displays first 5.5G production line is ready to produce AMOLED panels


Samsung Mobile Displays first 5.5G production line is ready to produce AMOLED panels. Samsung Mobile Displays said today 31.05.2011 it had started production two months ahead of schedule. With that production line Samsung Mobile Display will concentrate on small-and medium sized panels for the smartphone, handheld market. The company plans two other 5.5G production lines.

The glass substrate size of a 5.5G production line is 1.300×1500 mm instead of a 4.5G of 730×920 mm. This boost the productivity competitiveness significantly.

This first stage of production will turn out 24,000 substrates per month.

Samsung need this production for the Galaxy S2 with Super-Amoled-Plus Display.

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This Samsung’s flagship smartphone released last month, and already has become a million-seller, just in a month. Samsung Electronics said on 30 May Galaxy S2 has reached the mark of 1,000,000 sold, which means it is sold every three seconds.

It has been breaking every selling record relating to cell phones in Korea. Since its release on 29th of April, Galaxy S2 passed 100,000 sold in 3 days, and 200,000 in 8 days, and reached 500,000 sold after a fortnight. This fastest 1,000,000 sold record, in particular, shortens its predecessor Galaxy S’s previous record by whopping 40 days.

Galaxy S 2 Becomes Million-Seller in Shortest Period Ever



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