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Samsung-SDI shows 12.1 inch OLED laptop

Samsung-SDI shows 12.1 inch OLED laptop

Ho Kyoon Chung presented Samsung-SDIs OLED panel roadmap and said, “OLED panels have opened the new era of organic optoelectronics. Not only displays but also new applications such as OLED lighting systems, organic electro-luminescent power generators and organic sensors will emerge in the near future.”

Today Samsung SDI shows a OLED Laptop wit ha 12.1 inch AMOLED Display.

Samsung SDI completed the development of the technology to manufacture the next generation AM OLED for large size panels like notebook computers. The technology will help reduce the process and the cost of the manufacturing. In addition, it plans to unveil the transparent AM OLED panel that the world has called as a display of dream. Therefore, the AM OLED will become common in daily lives and even the transparent displays which have been coined in sci-fi movies will become real.

Samsung SDI said on May 15 that it completed the development of AM OLED panels using the oxidized substance TFT technology which can replace the a-SI TFT. The panel is 12.1 inch in size and features the WXGA resolution, the biggest size and the highest resolution among the oxidized substance based AM OLED panels.
Samsung-SDI shows this prototype at the SID-2008


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