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Samsung showcase future products powered by flexible AMOLEDs

Samsung showcase future products powered by flexible AMOLEDs

Samsung confirmed that the company is ready to mass produce flexible AMOLEDs in 2012.
But what kind of products will we see in the near future? We show you design concepts and ideas from Samsung Mobile Display.
Really amazing new products are on the way in the next few years thanks to organic light emitting diode technology.

Flexible Display Card

This flexible display card has a flexible transparent AMOLED Display. With this display card you can pay, playing songs, videos.

RaRalra umbrella with flexible OLED

The RaRalra umbrella features a flexible AMOLED Display. It depends on the wether you can switch the design of your umbrella!

O-Neul mobile camcorder/Calender

O-Neul is also a nice concept with a flexible AMOLED Display.
It is a combination between a mobile camcorder and a calender.
So its like Facebooks timeline, make some pictures or videos and store it on that day.
After a year you can look to the calender and can enjoy the content you made.

Run on a OLED

This is a future treadmill with a flexible AMOLED. You can run on this panel and change the design of that.
Feel like you run outside and the sun is shining.

Portable Scanner

With this flexible portable scanner you can scan everywhere everything and its very easy to use.
You did not have any problem to scan a book or something else. Thanks to flexible transparent AMOLED Displays.
Portable ScannerPortable Scanner-flexible

Multi Purpose Musical Instrument

This nice design concept is for children, the multi purpose Musical instrument utilizing a flexible Amoled.
With this flexible display you can convert this device in different music instrument.
Multi Purpose Musical Instrument


This is a gadget for your bicycle, its for a better light, for the security and you can use it also as a navigation system.

You&I talkbox

With this You & I Talkbox you can communicate also with signs.

Emotion Toy

Also a nice gadget for children with a flexible AMOLED Display.
With this toy you can record your speech, pictures etc.
Emotion Toy

Alarm lighting clock

This is a combination of a alarm clock and a table lamp. The alarm lighting clock features a foldable OLED lighting panel.
Alarm lighting clock-oled-lighting-panel


Its really great as design element in the kitchen. If you have a romantic dinner you can choose another style than a business meeting.

T Roll Vehicle Smart PC

This is the next generation navigationssystem. It can be powered with a flexible solar panel.
It has a smart blackbox and also a navigationssystem with a flexible AMOLED.
T Roll Vehicle Smart PC


This is the triangularsafety reflector of the future. With a foldable lighting panel.


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