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Samsung to demonstrate a 50 inch OLED TV at the CES-2009?

Samsung to demonstrate a 50 inch OLED TV at the CES-2009?

In an magazin Samsung’s, Vice President in charge of Flat Panel Development HS Kim, said that while Samsung was one of the leaders in OLED development, it would not sell the technology until it could be made at a price the consumer was willing to pay.

But to our surprise he also said that “We can make larger displays, and we may demonstrate a 50in OLED TV at the CES show in January, though we haven’t decided yet,” he said, “But how much more would you be willing to pay for such a set?

For a few days after Samsung said we’ll see OLED laptops in 2010 and that OLEDs are going to be ‘mainstream’ soon, and at FPD International Samsung said we are not able to build larger OLED Displays than 40-inch? We are a little bit confused!

Kim also said: OLED Television has a long way to go, technology-wise and cost-wise. It’s coming, but we just don’t know when it will be a viable consumer product.

Full Interview at whathifi.com samsung-40-inch-oled-television



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