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Samsung Unveils the 55 inch Super OLED TV at CES-2012

Samsung Unveils the 55 inch Super OLED TV at CES-2012

The Ultimate in Picture Quality

As we suggested Samsung today unveiled its 55-inch Super OLED TV, a masterpiece that will be acclaimed by home entertainment and design enthusiasts alike. The OLED TV will be produced from a single pane of glass and uses Samsung’s Super OLED technology to deliver the ultimate in picture quality and thinness.

Super OLED technology eliminates the need for a color filter as the OLED pixel unit comprises self-emitting RGB sub-pixels laid directly on the display panel, each emitting its own light. The technology is also able to differentiate varying degrees of blacks and shadows, so that users can enjoy unparalleled detail even in the darkest of scenes for the ultimate TV experience.

“Samsung has had a long and successful history of creating innovative OLED products, including mobile phones, digital cameras and tablet PCs. Today, we are proud to extend our OLED leadership to the TV category with this spectacular 55-inch Super OLED,” said Hyunsuk Kim, executive vice president, Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics. “By incorporating true-to-life picture quality with ultimate speed and vividness, Smart Interaction, Smart Content and ultimate thinness, Samsung is delivering the ultimate TV today.”
It will be available commercially worldwide this year.

The Ultimate in Picture Quality and Design
Samsung’s Super OLED TV represents the culmination of Samsung’s latest engineering technologies, and marks a new era of minimalistic design.

It features unmatched vivid and true-to-life picture quality in both 2D and 3D, with significantly improved color accuracy compared to conventional LED TVs. Since light output on the Super OLED is controlled on a pixel-to-pixel basis, the truest blacks and purest whites can be achieved.

Further, the Samsung Super OLED offers faster response times than LED, virtually eliminating motion blur even in the fastest-moving scenes.

Because Super OLED technology features self-emitting RGB sub-pixels which do not require a backlight, the TV weighs significantly less than a standard LED TV.
[CES 2012] Samsung Electronics Unveiled Super OLED TV
The design of the Samsung Super OLED is an engineering feat that provides a breathtaking form factor that blends into any environment. The Super OLED was also recognized by the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) for its flawless design.
When powered on, a bright, vibrant picture illuminates the screen from edge to edge. When turned off, the TV appears like a framed piece of luxurious floating glass; when hung on the wall, it more closely resembles a work of art than an electronic device.

Gizmodo about Super-OLED-Tv:

My eyes have never felt so good than when they saw Samsung Super OLED TV. IT WAS SOO CLEAR. I went to go see it up close and it’s beaaaautiful. Seriously, you’ll see its gorgeousness in the video above but it’s even better looking in person.

Intuitive Controls and a Camera with Smart Interaction Technology
Consumers can use Samsung’s new Smart Interaction technology to easily manage their TV experience. By using Voice Control, Motion Control and Face Recognition features to complement the remote control, users can turn the TV on or off, adjust the volume or activate selected apps through speech. They can also use voice to activate the search function in the web browser and “tell” the TV what they are searching for.

The Super OLED’s built-in camera recognizes movement in the foreground to enable intuitive control, and two unidirectional array microphones recognize voice at an incredibly accurate rate. Noise cancellation technology helps to separate any background noise from the users’ commands.

Richer Content for Outstanding Entertainment
The Samsung Super OLED TV is equipped with Samsung’s new dual core processor, which allows users to run multiple apps simultaneously for a faster, uninterrupted experience, as well as a smoother web browsing experience.

The Super OLED TV also offers the latest improvements to Smart Hub, Samsung’s integrated destination for access to all types of content from a single screen. The interface has been updated for easier navigation and faster performance. With a new tabbed web browser, users can conveniently open multiple pages at a time for an improved web experience.

Additional first-of-its-kind signature services such as Family Story, Fitness and Kids will allow users to get more out of their TV experience, and help foster closer connections between friends and family members.

Samsung’s AllShare Play offers a seamless way for users to access, manage and share content through cloud storage and access that content on supported smartphones, tablets, cameras, computers or TVs, regardless of their location.

Tim Baxter: “Samsung led transition from tube to flat, analog to digital, conventional to Smart TV. Now we’ll do it again with Super OLED.”

Samsung Super-OLED-Tv CES-2012
Samsung Super-OLED-Tv CES-2012
Samsung Super-OLED-Tv CES-2012
Samsung Super-OLED-Tv CES-2012


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  1. Mike Silva #

    Now I have to think about changing my DSLR capable of 1080p30 to a new that can do 1080p60 because I’ve always prefered the smoothness of 60FPS in CRT’s with 3D Games 😛

    January 10, 2012 at 2:04 am
  2. G’Day! Oleddisplay,
    I was wondering on a similar note, Most people are confused about the difference between LED TVS and LCD TVS. Basically an LED Tv set is considered to be an LCD tv which includes a further technology. LEDs are light emitting diodes which happen to be an efficient lighting choice and while previously different methods of illuminating the LCD screen were utilized for example fluorescent tubes, now the LEDs are employed to light up the LCD monitor.
    Quite a few innovative LED TV ranges have already been produced in the market recently. Samsung has unveiled extreme slimline models that happen to be less than 1 inche in thickness, Sony has produced an individually controlled LED panel and that is backlit, Toshiba’s has introduced out new LED backlit method with 240 KHz display panel, LG has jumped in with 240 KHz TruMotion LED backlit TV series. Sharp has also produced an Ultra Bright LED system.

    A number of manufacturers also include loads of environmentally friendly and electricity saving techniques to these LED, correspondingly this may possibly result in your electric power bills and carbon footprints getting reduced.


    March 9, 2012 at 10:59 pm


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