Scientific comparison between Iphones LCD and Nexus One OLED

A scientific analysis from finds that Apples Iphone LCD does have a better image quality than the OLED from Googles Nexus One.

The LCD screen on the iPhone 3GS is far from perfect, but it’s also significantly better than the much-touted AM-OLED display on the Google Nexus One. The analysts says that the Nexus One does have a eye catching display, but it has also a lot of noise and artifacts and it just isn´t accurate.

The Nexus One’s 800×480 OLED display offers a higher resolution and pixel density than the iPhone’s 480×320 LCD. Samsung mobile display (manufacturer of this OLED) utilizes a PenTile pixel arrangement, however, which is claimed to lack the sharpness of a 800×480 LCD equivalent.

Most high-quality displays, including the iPhone, have at least 18-bit color, and emulate 24-bit color with dithering. But in his tests, Soneira found that the Nexus One screen uses only 16-bit color, which allows 32 possible intensity levels for red and blue, and 64 for green. Also the factory Calibration and quality control is Very Poor says displaymate.

So Apple must use the new Super AMOLED at their new Iphone 4G



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