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SMD to double AMOLED lifetime improve white efficiency and power consumption

SMD to double AMOLED lifetime improve white efficiency and power consumption


Samsung mobile display plans to improve the white efficiency from current 20 cd/A to 40 cd/A, the lifetime should be doubled from 50.000 hours to 100.000 hours, and also the power consumption levels from 62Watt to less than 30 Watt in the near future.

Smd will also apply advanced color pattern method in the AMOLED manufacturing process for overcoming the large size limitation of current FMM method and also thin film method instead current glass base encapsulation method and in the future, they will apply Oxide substrate for developing and mass production.
Samsung Mobile 5.5 gen production line should be ready first quarter 2011 and mass production ready in July 2011.

By increasing of substrate size from 4 to the new 5.5 gen line the number of same size panels produced from one substrate increase and it will bring more production efficiency also for larger OLED-Television devices.

Item Now Near Future
Efficiency (White) 20 cd/A >40 cd/A
Power consumption 62Watt <30Watt
Life Time >50K Hours >100K Hours
EL material Singlet/Triplet Triplet
Back Plane
(Substrate in mm)
4.5G (730x920mm)

5.5G – 8G

(Mask Count)
LTPS (5-7 mask) LTPS, Oxide (5 mask)
Color Pattern FMM (30inch) Advance Tec. (>55 inch)
Encapsulation Glass Thin film
Size of OLED G4
730×920 mm
1300×1500 mm
3 inch 150 486 3.3x
4.3 inch 72 264 3.7x
10.1 inch 8 50 6.3x
15.6 inch 4 18 4.5x
30 inch or larger 30inch x2
40inch x1
32inch x6
57inch x2
> 2x



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