Sony and AUO co-operate to produce large OLED-Tvs

Sony and AUO ramp up a partnership to develop and produce large OLED-Television devices. Sony engineers are in Taiwan to help AUO to develope IGZO based large high resolution OLED Tv panels.Sonys and AUOs cooperation starts end last year. Sony and AUO want to compete against LG-Displays and Samsungs OLED-Television devices. AUO showcased 32 inch Oxide-TFT IGZO based OLED Tv prototype for a few month. Sonys new president of home entertainment products Noriaki Negishi says that Sony will introduce OLED-Television devices in 2013! At the moment Sony only produce professional OLED monitors for the broadcast market. This co-operation make sense and a big chance to compete against Samsung and LG in that market.


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