Sony show 13.3-inch Flexible Color E-paper at SID-2011

Sony show a 13.3 inch flexible color e-paper device at the SID-2011.

Sonys e-paper has a thickness of 150 ?m and a weight of 20g or less by using a plastic substrate. Other technical features are 13% color gamut on NTSC, a reflectance of 10% and a contrast higher than 100.000:1

Its pixel consists of red, green, blue and white sub-pixels, and the pixel count is 800 x 1,200. The sub-pixel measures 169?m x 169?m. The resolution and gradation of the screen are 75ppi and 16, respectively. Sony realized the high color gamut because they attach a Tft substratre to E-inks front plate with high precision.



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