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Sony showcase 4.1 inch rollable OLED Display

Sony showcase 4.1 inch rollable OLED Display

Sony is introduce a rollable OLED Display at the SID-2010 event in Washington. The Flexible OLED measures 4.1 inch an is just 80 um thick. To reach the goal of a rollable display sony developed OTFTs organic thin film transistors with original organic semiconductor material.

The rollable OLED does have a resolution of 121 ppi 432×240 pixel and 16.8 million colors, contrast of 1000:1

Sony will proceed with the development of the solution / print based process which manufactures display devices from organic materials that are easily dissolved in common solvents. This process requires fewer steps, and consumes materials and energy more efficiently – thus has a smaller environmental footprint – compared to the conventional high temperature vacuum semiconductor process which use inorganic, silicon materials.
Sony will continue to improve the performance and reliability of its flexible organic displays because the application of these developments are expected to yield thin, light-weight, durable and mobile devices with enhanced form-factor.

Specification of the rollable OTFT-driven OLED display

size of a panel : 4.1 inch wide
number of pixels : 432 x 240 x RGB pixels
size of a pixel : 210?m x 210?m
resolution : 121 ppi (pixels per inch)
number of colors : 16,777,216
peak luminance : >100 cd/m2
contrast ratio : >1000:1
minimum bending radius : 4 mm
driving scheme : 2T-1C voltage programming with OTFTs
thickness of a panel : 80?m


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