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Sonys S-LCD vs Samsung Super AMOLED

Sonys S-LCD vs Samsung Super AMOLED

Now its official Htc switch from some models from AMOLED to S-LCD from Sony. The reason is that Samsung mobile display can not handle the demand of the market.HTC says that the displays are comparable, and that the S-LCD actually consumes less power than the AMOLED displays!

Now here is the first comparison between a HTC Desire with an S-LCD vs Google Nexus One (regular Amoled), Milestone (regular LCD) and Samsung Wave (Super-Amoled)

Conclusion: The Super Amoled was noticeably less reflective, and does have a better contrast and viewing angels. Super LCD had similar detail in the rock face video and had a superior horizontal viewing angle compared to a regular AMOLED display. But also the regular Amoled does have a better contrast then Super-LCD.




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