Sonys XEL-1 OLED-TV lifetime only 17.000 hours?

Not so good message from Displaysearch this morning.

DisplaySearch’s OLED Characterization Report: Sony XEL-1, looks deep inside the structure of the XEL-1’s OLED display and reports on DisplaySearch’s independent performance and lifetime tests.

In this new report released Wednesday on the characterization of active matrix organic light emitting diode (AMOLED) display technology, DisplaySearch addressed the Sony XEL-1 TV and the technology’s sub-pixel architecture, micro cavity, and compensation circuits

DisplaySearch ran two XEL-1 units for 1,000 hours, and measured the drop in brightness. Extrapolating from that, they found it would take 17,000 hours for a display to lose half its brightness, a standard measure of display life.

Sony says the display lasts 30,000 hours, or 10 years of typical use. Spokesman Greg Belloni said that figure is based on years of tests and the company stands by it.

Poor longevity has been a problem with OLEDs, but Barry Young, senior adviser at DisplaySearch, said it has more or less been solved in the most recent iterations of the technology.

“The results demonstrate that the Sony display is significantly inferior in many ways to the current (OLED) designs,” DisplaySearch’s researchers wrote.

For example, Young said, Samsung makes a smaller OLED display for cell phones that lasts longer than Sony’s TV.
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