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Super AMOLED for Apples Iphone 4G?

Super AMOLED for Apples Iphone 4G?


After the presentation of Samsungs new Super AMOLED Display at the MWC-2010 event, there are some rumors that Apple could be the be the first OEM to implement Super AMOLED in the next generation Iphone 4G.

Our OLED industry sources told us that Apple accept the lifetime from Samsungs AMOLED Display, but Apple has been reluctant to use OLEDs in their iPhone, because of the power consumption on email and web browsing. They may be changing their position as the efficacy of the material increases and since they can use a black background with white or blue letters for email. The power consumption of the OLED is dependant on the content, Apple is fearful that the use of the iPhone in accessing web sites will use up too much power.

Real Dynamic Super AMOLED Display

  • Ultra brilliant image quality on 3.3 inch Display
  • No motion blurs on video play
  • True to the original color
  • Vivid even in the outdoor
  • Eco friendly power saving

Apple does have a long term deal with LG Display to deliver displays. But at the moment LG Display does have not the capacity to produce the OLED Displays for the Iphone 4G. So the only manufacturer which can handle this volume is Samsung mobile display. Apple and Samsung do have a good partnerhsip and maybe Apple accept the power consumption of the new SUPER AMOLED. In an Interview for I4U the CEO of Rapid Repair believes that Apple want to use Samsungs SUPER AMOLED in their next generation Iphone 4G.


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