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The Desire and Google Nexus One from HTC must switch from AMOLED to LCD

The Desire and Google Nexus One from HTC must switch from AMOLED to LCD


HTC and Google must switch the smartphone display from Amoled to LCD. Why? Because Samsung Mobile Display can not deliver so much AMOLEDS for HTC and Google.

Google will use Super TFT LCD (SCLD), this display deliver Sony.

HTC also looks to replace the AMOLED displays of the Desire and the Incredible smart phones because of supply issues regarding the parts produced by Samsung Mobile Display, a local report said.

Samsung need the production capacity because they aggressively pushing the sales for the Galaxy-S with Super-Amoled. At the moment there may be not enough Amoled displays to supply to other companies says Kim Sung in a analyst from Kiwoom Securities.

Our AM-OLED display production lines are running at full capacity,” a Samsung Mobile Display spokesperson said.
Samsung mobile displays new 5.5 gen plant starts in July 2011.

The new plant and the existing AMOLED lines will have monthly output capacity of 70.000 sheets (1300 × 1500 mm).Samsung can produce 30 million 3 inch class displays per month with all lines, so with this capacity Samsung can also deliver to all other companies also to Apple!

Update! Infos from HTC

The Androidcommunity has news from HTC directly.
HTC has plans to keep using the AMOLED technology from Samsung, but they are also going to use Sony’s Super TFT LCD displays as well. According to HTC, there is no discernible difference between the displays from Sony and Samsung, and they are expecting the differences to slide under the radar. OH the last sentence we can not believe!
But, they obviously need to tell customers about the difference. Unfortunately, there’s no word on how they plan on doing this, as the details haven’t been quite worked out yet. And considering that the HTC Incredible is still pushed back until the end of July at this point, they obviously still have some time to work out the kinks (at least, when it comes to the Incredible here in the States — the Desire across the pond is another story entirely).



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