Verbatim Velve next generation OLEDs at Light and Building 2012

Verbatim introduced a new Velve panel with 2.000 cd/m² at 131 mm x 44 mm size and 65 mm x 72 mm.
The new panels are 5 mm thick. The colour temperature is 2.700 K.

Verbatim will present a new set of compact off-the-shelf modules, although the company can also create custom-made OLED panel sizes. One option measures 131mm x 44mm and the second is only 65mm x 72mm, a quarter of the original size. Both variants have a depth of only 5mm.
The profile of the OLED modules in this series has been made smaller, thinner and lighter because its printed circuit board is no longer rear-mounted and is housed in an electronic control unit connected via cabling.

The latest series of colour-tunable VELVE OLED modules is ideal for mood lighting with each panel delivering red, green and blue (RGB) mixed colour with illuminance of 2000 candelas per square metre at a colour temperature of 3000K.

Those visiting Verbatim’s stand will also be shown a class-leading set of high-performance halogen replacement LED spotlights. The company’s dimmable PAR16 GU10 and MR16 GU5.3 lamps are ideally suited to accent-lighting or subtle background illumination in shops, museums, restaurants and hotels or to add sophistication in homes. Available in
6.5W and 9W ratings, the PAR16 GU10s have a high Colour Rendering Index (CRI) of 95 and a warm-white light colour temperature of 2700K. The company also plans to showcase a new AR111 that offers 850 lumens output and an adapted short-form factor to aid retrofit use in retail applications.

“Although Verbatim is renowned as a pioneer in data storage, the brand’s roots in lighting go back over half a century. Backed by the expertise of Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, the Verbatim portfolio of LED and OLED products is a technology that can always be relied upon to deliver class-leading performance, compatibility and quality,” said
Jeanine Chrobak-Kando, Business Development Manager, LED EUMEA, The Velve OLED lighting panels are composed of organic thin films sandwiched between two electrodes, anode and cathode, all placed on a substrate. In the course of operation, carriers (holes and electrons) are injected from the electrode by applied voltage. This carrier recombination in the organic film generates emission.

MCC’s OLED panels exhibit the above features, but our unique technology enables other features which add to the possibilities for fixture designers:

White Color Tunable from Warm White (2700K) to Cool White (6500K)
RGB Color Tunable
Dimming with constant flux and color
Large panel size (150cm2 area)
High CRI and R9 component (>80)
Soft, “velvety” luxurious appearance

Verbatim OLED light and building 2012Verbatim OLED light and building 2012Verbatim OLED light and building 2012Verbatim OLED light and building 2012Verbatim OLED light and building 2012


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