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When will we see larger cost competitive OLED-TV Panels?

When will we see larger cost competitive OLED-TV Panels?

In an interview with Barry Young the managing director of the OLED-Association we got some insider information.
The big question is when we will see cost competitive OLED-TV panels which can compete to LCD and Plasma HDTVs.

Barry Young explain also the technical issues which have to be solved!

In 2012 Barry sees 30 to 40 inch OLED-Television devices in 1 to 2 million volume but the price will be very high.
In 2013 and 2014 Barry Young sees 5 to 6 million AMOLED-Tvs. In 2015 we will see 10 to 15 million Organic Television devices which are very competitive to LCD and Plasma devices.

LG-Display, Sony and Samsung plans OLED-Television devices in the next few years. LG-Display plans to ramp up a 8 gen OLED production line to produce 55-inch OLED-Tv in 2011-2012.
LG Display is ready to order the equipment for the 8 gen fab in the next month. The 8th generation OLED fab can handle a 2200x2500mm on a glass substrate. LG cut this in in half 2200×1250 mm, the capacity are 24.000 substrates per month. LG plans the 8 gen Fab in Paju and the goal is to be production ready end of 2011.



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