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Why Apple can not use large OLED-Tv panels before Q4 2013

Why Apple can not use large OLED-Tv panels before Q4 2013

There are new reports that Apple want to use large OLED panels for the iTV device. But its not possible because LG plans to ramp up a new 8.5G production line or want to upgrade a LCD production line to OLED.

Hee Yeon Kim from LG Display says that the korean company need 18 months to convert from LCD production to OLED. LG Display has not make a decision to convert a line or ramp up a new line.
LG Display is production ready for their pilot line, we can produce 48.000 devices per month. Our conclusion is that we did not see cheap LG OLED-Television device before end 2013.

The second company which introduced a 55 inch SUPER-OLED-Tv is Samsung. Samsung is production ready and want to introduce the device before LG-Display whole over the world. We spoke with Samsung Austria and they told us that the price will be much cheaper than 8.000.- Euros. The production capacity is more than 48.000 devices per month. But to less for Apple. Samsung want to push OLED-Tv over their own brand. The goal is to mass produce large OLED Tv panels in the first quarter 2013 with the new 8G line.

The conclusion is there is no way that APPLE can purchase so much large OLED panels before Q4 2013.

Samsung oled roadmap

Samsung 55 inch pictures

LG 55 inch pictures


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